27 September 2012

Shiny Somethings

I've been struggling with writers block the last couple of weeks, so thought I try an easy Shiny Somethings to get me started.

1.   The iPad

It would seem I've accidentally bought myself an iPad. There was some logic: I really struggle to drag the netbook around so the iPad would let me write in Starbucks or at my in-laws house more easily. Normally I wouldn't buy an Apple, but the android tablets I tried couldn't cope with the Blogger website. I'm still not convinced by it to be honest, most of the apps I'm interested in are already on my phone. So far about the only things I've used it for are answering some email and playing Tiny Monsters (as you can see).

2.   iPad Cover

In fact I pretty much hated the iPad until I bought the official leather iPad Smart Cover. Now here's an example of gorgeous design! Combining beauty and function: the covers protect the screen, improve the functionality and all without hiding the iPad's sleek design. The slim aluminium hinge snaps into place without even a thought, through the clever use of magnets. I can't imagine how many prototypes they went through to get something so seamless and fuss free. When using the iPad, the Smart Cover folds into a triangle which doubles as a vertical stand or a horizontal prop to make typing easier. Finally when you're all done, cover the screen and more clever magnets turn the device off. While I'm not sure I'd recommend the iPad, I can't recommend the Apple Smart Covers highly enough! Normally £59 for the leather finish, I found a few discounted to just £39 in HMV!

3.   Safe & Sound from The Hunger Games

A bit late to the game as usual, I only just discovered this song from The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond. A collaboration between Taylor Swift and folk singers The Civil Wars, it has a lovely haunting Appalachian melody. I'll admit I'm already a fan of Taylor Swift, but I'm tempted by many of the song off the District 12 and Beyond Album. So far I've resisted buying it as I am easily influenced by music and have more than enough melancholy of my own at the moment - but I think I'll add it to my Christmas list.

4.  Walkers Sensations Japanese Teriyaki Rice Crackers & Coated Peanuts

Though a bit expensive, these pretty much got me through all the IVF injections. I realised my needle anxiety was worse if I was hungry, so I became a snacking machine over the last couple of months (and boy does my waistline show it!)  Unfortunately most of my favourite snacks are made from wheat or potatoes, which gradually make me feel quite ill. Luckily Mr Goldfish spotted these Walker Sensations, they are brilliant! They have a lot of flavour, but didn't make me feel heavy and nauseous.

If you'd like to share your own Shiny Somethings, feel free to leave a link in the comments below!