21 October 2012

Spending Spree

One reason I’ve struggled with Step Down Sundays lately is we’ve ended up on something of a spending spree lately. In addition to buying the iPad a couple of months ago we've spent a lot of time looking for ways to spend an unfortunate windfall.
See, after the IVF failed we had to change our plans. For four years I’ve been filling in internet surveys and scanning our weekly shopping as a way to save up for things like prams and cots. You earn points for the surveys, which I’d save up and exchange for reward vouchers. I'd then use the vouchers to buy Christmas presents and transfer the equivalent cash into a ‘baby’ saving account. As for scanning our weekly groceries, we've been desperate to stop for over a year now - but the only ‘rewards’ we were interested in were high chairs  travel cots and baby monitors. We now had to find new purposes for these fund I've been saving so long.

The cash was easy to sort; the account will now pay for a trip home for my best-friend’s wedding overseas (whenever that may be). The scanning panel on the other hand, was more difficult. After several years, scanning our shopping has become more a burden than blessing. We knew we had to quit - but to do that we need to cash out.  They have a large catalogue for you to pick from, but very little of it is practical. We couldn't even find suitable present we could give at Christmas!  In the end, rather than order some reward we didn't need, we found a personal shopping experience that came with a reasonable amount of House of Fraser vouchers. The plan is to skip the horror of clothes shopping and escape to the electric department to find a replacement for our crumbling George Foreman Grill (I've got my eye on this pretty Cuisinart model).
We could probably make do with the grill we have a few more years (I think by this point most of the non-stick coating has already come off) but at least we're spending the vouchers on something we could use that should last several years.

Finally there was one more pot of money I needed to spend. When I sold my wedding dress over the summer I had hoped to spend the money on a nursery glider. Now that wasn't going to happen, I wanted to spend the money on something special. I eventually decided on a piece of high-quality jewellery, that I can wear for years and years. It turns out £300 doesn't go very far when you start looking at jewellery, but I eventually found something I love! Would you like to take a peek?

It doesn't look like much in the box, but I love the simplicity and the sparkle! The single diamond seems a fitting reminder for the sparkle and magic once found in a wedding dress. Perfect for dressing up or down, it's a piece of timeless jewellery I should get much use of.
It probably sounds quite superficial, but it has brought a sense of peace. I've taken a wedding dress that was linked with feelings of frustration and inadequacy and transformed it into a bright sparkling memory. A symbol of our marriage rather than our wedding, it is a source of joy and finally stills the turmoil from the day.

Though it's felt gratuitous after a year of minimal spending, it's also been a relief to move on; to make decisions after years of waiting and saving.