26 November 2012

The Cross Forever Pearl Sauvage

A few weeks ago I wrote about my new Filofax pen, but that wasn't the only pen Cross sent me. They also sent me this gorgeous Forever Pearl Sauvage
Personally, I don't think this is a pen I'd throw in my handbag and carry around with me (I'd be too worried it would get damaged, though the Forever Pearl does come with a velvet storage pouch), but it would be a brilliant choice for writers or those who keep a journal. For anyone who enjoys setting aside time write, the Forever Pearl Sauvage adds a touch of luxury and glamour.
I love the fine details and sophisticated style of the Forever Pearl. The lovely champagne finish has a patterned of rings, some of which are etched into the into the pen, adding a delicious sparkle. And I'm completely taken with the pen's silver tone accents. The central ring has a raised edge, which gives it the appearance of fine silver jewellery. The pen clip is delicately sculpted to mirror the sweeping curves of the Sauvage, and finally the pen is topped with a smooth gleaming end cap. All of these small details give the Forever Pearl a distinctive refined style.
One thing that surprised me was how narrow the grip of the pen is. Despite being a thick substantial pen, the barrel tapers quite dramatically. Personally the barrel is a shade narrower than I'd prefer, but this is less of a problem because the pen is nicely balanced. Your fingers aren't straining to control the pen.  Like the Cross Tech 3+, I found the ballpoint scratched a bit when writing, but hope this will improve with time.

Another advantage of the decorative pearlescent finish is that it doesn't show fingerprints, so it always looks it's best. If you're going to buy a high quality pen, I think it should have some personality. The pattern of rings on the Forever Pearl give it character, while retaining a professional sophistication. A feminine design without pink flowers and bows, the Forever Pearl Sauvage makes writing even a simple shopping list more enjoyable.