20 November 2012

Granny Square Blanket

One reason I've been posting less on Another Goldfish lately, is that I've been crocheting like mad. I'm attempting to make blankets for all four of my nieces and nephews. I'd normally post this as a Step Down Sunday, but they've actually ended up supplementing rather than replacing the presents we'd normally buy.

Back when we were making our Dream scarf, my eldest niece and nephew watched intrigued as I crocheted my squares - my ten year-old nephew even gave it a try himself. So I thought I'd try to encourage their interest by making them some lap blankets - and I better make one for everyone.
This is my first finished blanket, intented for my eldest niece. It's not especially fancy, just a great big granny square finished with two rounds of double crochet - but I'm quite pleased with it. It's made from a lovely soft chunky wool.
I've still got a lot to keep me busy. Another two blankets are still in progress and I have a handful of smaller projects to finish before Christmas, but fingers crossed it won't be too difficult to manage.

Though they are technically adding to our carbon footprint this year, if the blankets go down well wiith the kids we may be able to consider more home-made Christmas presents in the future.