25 November 2012

Step Down Sunday: Christmas Postcards

For this week's Step Down Sunday I've gone back to one of my favourites - the recycled Christmas postcards. I love the simplicity of this solution, that greatly reduces the impact of our annual missives. By sending postcards we use half as much cardboard as a normal Christmas card and there is no need for envelopes. We also have them printed on recycled card, to further reduce their environmental impact.

We've been trying to complete our Christmas preparations early this year. So a bit pressed for time, I searched the web for another free Christmas printable. It took me a while to find one with a suitable message, but eventually found the one pictured above. I then popped it into PicMonkey to give it the parchment texture. This year I left the back of the cards white, as last year's grey pattern made it difficult to read (as you can see below). Instead I kept it simple, adding just a few lines for the address and the recycled message message at the bottom.

I looked around for a new eco-friendly printer, but most were well outside our price range. So we went back to Vistaprint, where with voucher codes and money back from TopCashback, we were able to print 100 cards for about £15.

There was no way we needed a hundred Christmas cards, but I've been able to sell the extras at cost to other members of my Quaker meeting. So we've been able to help others reduce their carbon-footprint this Christmas too.

Step Down Sunday

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