9 December 2012

Step Down Sunday - Scruffs Eco Cat Bed

Our oldest cat, Mac, was hit by a car before he was taken to the Cats Protection shelter where we found him. We were warned his injuries would eventually lead to arthritis, and I worried our cold tile window ledge would aggravate the condition. So when I spotted a small dog bed on clearance a few years ago, I thought it was worth trying. It quickly became his favourite place.
Since Mac had his stroke last year, our other cat Pooka has become more bold - and has decided she quite likes the basket on the window sill too. For the last few months we've witnessed several skirmishes, our cats manouver for position on the window sill which has lead to some comical results. The final straw came when which ever cat had lost the battle insisted on sitting on my lap (making it impossible to type).
I decided it was time to invest in a second cat bed. While I could try making one myself, there's a risk that I'd get the pattern wrong and I'd still be using mass-market fabric and fibre fill. However I found that Scruffs make a range of eco pet beds.
The 100% recycled super-soft fleece and recycled green-fibre filling are made from post-consumer plastic bottles. The caps and labels are removed, the bottles shredded and melted down. The liquidized plastic is then formed into both fleece and filling fibres.
War is Over!

Pooka is absolutely ecstatic. When she discovered the new bed on the window ledge she purred like a motorcycle and happily kneaded for ages.

We bought the small Scruffs 45cm Eco Donut Bed which is perfect for Pooka, though Mac tends to sprawl across it. I suspect we might have been better with the Scruffs box bed design, as the doughnut shape occasionally falls down behind the sofa, but it would sit nicely on the floor. Over all I'm quite pleased with the quality and the fact it's made with post-consumer material. So if your four-legged friend is looking for a new bed it's worth checking out the Scruffs Eco Collection.

Step Down Sunday

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