10 January 2013


This week has been a huge relief. First the kidney stones have finally passed, so I'm feeling a ton better. The morning sickness nausea is still there, but I'm not especially hungry so I don't mind. (The kidney stone nausea in contrast drives me mad, as I feel desperate to eat but can hardly stomach anything.)

They IVF clinic doesn't consider a cycle successful till they find a heartbeat, and yesterday we were booked in for the decisive 7 weeks scan. It was such a relief to see the little flashing of a tiny heart.
About the size of a blueberry, I've been assured that the slightly darker blotch to the left is the head and the little hazy bits to each side are budding limbs. Not sure I can see it myself, but I'm willing to trust the nurses on this one.
So far everything about the pregnancy seems quite normal, but in new developments we've discovered I absolutely can't bear the smell of fish - just walking past tuna sandwiches and sushi has sent my stomach reeling this week.

Oh and while on the topic - if you ever end up taking fish oil capsules in the future make sure you don't accidentally pop them! For some reason I though the oil would be fairly neutral and processed, but it turns out it smells absolutely vile! That's what I get for not taking them straight away, I absent mindedly gave it a squish and then had to swallow the vile thing as quickly as possible. (Though I'm vegetarian, I have enough food intolerances and digestive problems that we felt it was worth taking the fish oil tablets just to make sure I wasn't missing anything vital.)

I'm still finding it a bit difficult concentrate and write, but hopefully I'll be posting more regularly soon - I've got a new crochet project I just can't wait to share!