21 February 2013

13 Weeks - The Booking In Appointment

After chasing up a couple of missing referrals, I finally got my booking in appointment for earlier this week.

I'd really hoped that this appointment would include our 12 week scan as I was desperate to know everything was all right. Plus we were already at 12 weeks +5 days, which didn't leave much time for the Down's test. Unfortunately a scan wasn't actually scheduled, but luck was with us.

After being weighed and measured, we were called in to give our medical histories. The poor midwife thought my medical history was never going to end! She'd also never booked in an IVF pregnancy before, so discovered a whole new page of questions. Unsurprisingly the midwife decided my medical history was complex enough that I should have an early appointment with the consultant.

So to get all the tests done in time I was told I'd get the next available scan appointment. When we spoke to the Ultrasound department we discovered the local schools are on half term - and thus the next week was completely booked. Luckily the receptionists were lovely and with a few phone calls they managed to squeeze us in the same day.

The moment I saw our little one on the screen, it suddenly became real. It was surprisingly clear, but I was a bit worried the baby was so still. The midwife soon fixed that, as she tilted the table so my feet went in the air and started prodding my stomach - from that point on it wouldn't stop wriggling. There were thrashing arms and kicking legs - it seems that like me, our little one isn't fond of being woken up!


Now that we've finally made it past the 12 week milestone I guess I'll finally have to make a decision about maternity clothes. I've been searching the internet for tips and suggestions, but most seem to depend on having a decent wardrobe in the first place.

As things stand at the moment I have one pair of trousers that were a bit tight before I got pregnant and one pair two sizes too big (I can just about take them off without undoing the zip or buttons). I have one zip up jumper I stole off my husband four years ago and a men's winter coat, neither of which had much room around the hips in the first place.

So I think I'll have to buy a new pair of trousers and a comfy cardi at the very least. So far I've been on three shopping trips with the intention of buying something, but I find shopping and trying clothes on quite difficult. Traipsing from store to store trying to work out what I need and what will actually fit generally has driven my pain levels so high that I can't make decisions any more and I end up leaving in frustration. I've tried to narrow things down by searching online first, but so often something that looks great online just doesn't work in person.

So I think that's the goal for the weekend - hopefully I'll actually buy something but if nothing else I hope I can narrow the selection down to just a few options.