3 February 2013

Step Down Nursery : Beginnings

10 weeks pregnant:

It's pretty obvious my blogging has taken a rather big hit over the last month, and I think this can mostly be put down to the absence of pain killers and chronic nausea. So while my brain has been struggling to function I've kept myself busy scouring the internet for nursery ideas.

Once again I'm struggling to find a balance between my designer training and our Quaker ideals. The designer in me wants to go out and buy awesome products and create a gorgeous modern nursery, while my Quaker ideals of living simply and sustainably keep asking "do we really need that?". Everyday is a closely fought battle between the two, but luckily I also have a compulsive need to find a bargain - which gives our Quaker ethics an extra edge.

I've decided to see how much stuff I can buy second-hand (as second-hand goods have a much smaller carbon-footprint). There's an additional challenge in that I need to plan for my physical limitations as well. For example I'm looking for a bedside cot which allows me to lower the side completely, so I wouldn't need to lift a child over the rail. Even with specific models in mind, I don't think it will be too hard a challenge. I've already spotted several possibilities in just the last few weeks, and I've obviously months to go.

I have acquired my first bit of furniture though. I spotted this Cosatto Hogarth Dresser going for free on Preloved. It has a few superficial scrapes and scratches, but it's nice and solid. I think a few colourfully lined baskets could really spruce it up.

It's probably a little bigger than we'd like for our tiny nursery, but I'm quite pleased with our first acquisition.

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