17 February 2013

The Big Reveal

This weekend there's a big family wedding down in London, and it seems the perfect opportunity to tell my husband's parents and siblings our wonderful news.

The problem of course is that back in September we told everyone that our IVF had failed and we had no intention of trying again. It's tricky, in that we didn't really change our minds - faced with the same situation we'd make the same decision. It's only because we were offered something new that we took another chance.

It's not going be an easy topic to bring up, so I started looking for a cute way to let our family know. I happens to have been my mother-in-law's birthday last weekend, so a belated card seems the perfect opportunity.
My husband uses an unusual spelling of Nanna, so a personalised card was the obvious choice - plus it would let us add our scan photos. After checking out all the personalised card companies, Funky Pigeon seemed to be the only one which would allow me to print images inside the card.
Unfortunately we won't get our twelve week scan till the Monday after, so we could only include our two early scans.

The big reveal was a smashing success. We were all at a restaurant for dinner the night before the wedding, when we gave my mother-in-law the card. Her mouth fell completely open and my sister-in-law catching sight of the scans jumped out of her chair, knocking it over and nearly taking out a poor unexacting diner as he walked past with his full plate.

The news quickly spread through the family to grandparents, aunts and cousins. To our surprise we learned we weren't the only ones with news. At Christmas two of my husband's cousins also announced they were pregnant.

So there will be four little bundles joining the family this year!