3 March 2013

14 Weeks - Size of a Lemon

I still don't look pregnant, though my trousers won't quite fasten any more. I have solved the trouser problem I was struggling with last week. Turns out it wasn't really the trousers causing the problem, but my knickers. Luckily I have a few pairs a couple of sizes too big, which I bought after my ectopic surgery - when I didn't want anything pressing on the scar. Hopefully that means I can put off maternity trousers for a few more weeks!

We had our first ante natal appointment this week. There was nothing especially noteworthy, though it looks like a home-birth won't be an option. They've also not quiet decided my due date, they seem to be swinging between the IVF date and the scan date. It doesn't make much difference as there's only three days between them, but it's thrown my mental count off. I've decided to stick with the IVF date as it's impossible for the baby to be any older, but I keep getting muddled.

The morning sickness has finally started to fall off, but unfortunately my food intolerances seem to have taken a turn for the worse. Hopefully I've just over-indulged in something, but for a while at least I'll be eating carefully.

Otherwise I've been feeling a bit down, I worry it could be a bout of depression - certainly the midwives seem concerned by my history of depression and anxiety. Though I can't help but wonder if it's all their questions about my mental health that has triggered the low! Hopefully a bit more sleep and keeping busy will  have me right as rain soon.

And hopefully I'll be able to show you the next project for our Step Down nursery soon!