6 March 2013

Climate Week 2013

This week is Climate Week, Britain's largest climate change campaign.

The idea of course is to encourage people to look at their lives and start making even the smallest changes, and the Climate Week website offers plenty of places to start. You can change your energy supplier, go to a Climate Swap, sign a petition, or try one the many suggestions to reduce your household footprint.

As part of Climate week I thought I might share with you the next stage of our Step Down Nursery. We're trying to reduce our environmental impact, so buying second-hand and making as much as I can.
This first project is to refurbish this glider I found on eBay. It's not quite the model I was looking for, the cushions are a bit firm, but I'm hoping I can resculpt them when I recover it. I've found a local shop that sells off-cuts and end of rolls from John Lewis's upholstery department, where I found a pretty grey floral fabric. So while it's new fabric, it's still a type of remnant.
We also need a chest of drawers for the nursery, so I went looking for a real wood dresser we can upcycle. I found this vintage set of drawers at a bargain price (I suspect because the collection location on the auction listing wasn't correct). In any case I'm really pleased with the drawers, which are quite tall and remind me of my grandfather's house. I can't wait to see how it cleans up. I think we'll have to paint the frame, but we hope we can save some of the wood.
Step Down Sunday
Not especially huge things of course, but each time we make a Step Down we reduce our carbon-foot print and our environmental impact - Which is what Climate Week is all about.