13 March 2013

Ripple Baby Blanket

It seems like everyone is having a baby this year, and it will be a struggle to welcome them all properly. My cousin's first child is due at the end of May. As one of my closest relatives, I wanted to make something special for their new little boy. I'd spotted Attic 24's ripple pattern on Pinterest and was really taken by the simple graphic effect and the pattern is surprisingly easy!
Personally I can't stand insipid pastels for babies. So even though I didn't yet know what gender the baby would be, I choose a few bright and vibrant blues and paired them with a deep plum. I then added pure white to lighten and brighten the pattern. I'm really quite pleased with the results, but I'm afraid this blanket's not quite perfect though. The tension of my stitches got tighter the longer I worked, so my blanket was 5cm narrower by the end. I'm just hoping no one will notice!
My favourite stage of the project is always pulling the finished item out after it's first wash! The wool becomes so soft and lovely, I just want to curl up with it myself. Now it just needs wrapping up and sending to it's new home.