22 April 2013

2nd Trimester

Last week we had another antenatal appointment. This time we saw the consultant herself, rather than one of the junior doctors, and I'm thrilled to say that a home-birth is back on the table! The consultant said that though my medical history was complex, when you broke it down there was nothing to raise her concerns.

She also told us that the placenta is attached to the front, which explains why the baby's movements have been muffled. Apparently it acts as a pillow, softening the blows. I suspect this is a blessing, as our baby seems to be a wriggly thing! I think I'd be feeling rather sore already considering how many thunks I do feel!

Since we had the 20 weeks scan, I've spent several days searching through baby names books and sites.  We're looking for English/Irish names generally, and trying to avoid anything in the top 10 list the last couple of years. Unfortunately I've mostly complied a very long list of names we don't like.

I've also come up with a new pregnancy symptom this week. It seems like my stomach doesn't like being squished, so I've been having reflux type problems. Moving to smaller meals and reducing how much cheese and potatoes I eat seems to have helped, but it's making meal planning rather challenging.

Plans for our Step Down Nursery are going quite well too. I'm half way through recovering our second-hand glider, and I've managed to snag a few more ebay bargains I hope I can share soon. And even though there aren't many babies in our Quaker meeting, we've discovered that many of our members have grandchildren looking to pass things down! I'm trying my very best to be patient, as things seem to magically work themselves out - if I can just wait long enough!