8 April 2013

Looking for Cloth Nappy Advice

I know there are lots of cloth nappy experts out in blogland, so I'm hoping you can give me a bit of advice!

My sister-in-law has given us what's left of their Bambino Mio Birth to Potty Set which they purchased in 2007.
So we have 24 small nappies (size one) and 24 large nappies (size two), which is brilliant.

What we're short on is the nappy covers. We only have one newborn cover, one small, three medium, one large and one extra-large, but my sister-in-law suggests many have lost their water-proofing.
Obviously I need to buy new covers, but at £10 each I'm not sure I want to commit a lot of money to a system I've never used before. To buy all the recommended covers would be about £160 and I've seen the whole Birth-to-Potty pack on offer for just £190 - which may be much better value for money as you also get more nappies and extra bits with that. If I decided to just start with what I need, the Birth to Potty set seems to suggest I'll need four new born covers, three small covers & three medium - which is still nearly £100 to replace.

So I'm wondering what experienced cloth nappy users would recommend. I also suspect that some of you may have used Bambino nappies with a different brand of cover, so I'm hoping for some alternative suggestions too.

What would you buy if you were in my position?

A bit of background for those who only just found my blog: We're really committed to cloth nappies for their environmental benefits & waste reduction. It's very unlikely we'll have a second child to so won't be using them over multiple children. And unfortunately due to poor health ease of use is also a necessary consideration.