22 May 2013

Braving the WI

Last night was the first annual WISH Local Show - with the added excitement of a last minute special guest!

We'd decided we wanted to have an event that didn't have all the stress and pressure of the Women's Institute County Show. We had just five basic categories: a tray bake, a plate of cookies, a child's hat, a poem of four lines, and a key chain/bag charm.

I usually bake cookies for Christmas, so I decided to enter a couple plates of family favourites: my chocolate chip cookies which are popular with my nieces and nephews & a plate of pinwheel cookies which impressed the aunties.

I was a bit disappointed with the pinwheels. The spiral wasn't as tight as normal, so they weren't quite as impressive, but the chocolate chip cookies were all right.

Once everyone checked in their entries we just had to wait for the arrival of our celebrity judge!
Comedian Ross Noble is travelling across the UK for his new television program Freewheeling. Basically he's asking  Twitter to suggest unusual people & places to visit. One of our members, Deb Connor started a dedicated campaign to bring him to our local show.
Ross looked a bit nervous when he arrived with his team and cameras, but he soon put on a brave face and jumped in (I think the promise of biscuits may have helped!)

To finish the evening we pulled out the scarf we made for St Helen's Dream last year, and someone came up with the clever idea of wrapping is around Ross Noble. Of course the Dream Scarf is just a little big, so it became more of a full body wrap.
After a bit of hopping about (and an unexpected surprise for Ross) eventually Mr Noble managed to escaped from his cocoon. Morven and her other half have put together a quick video of the highlights.

So after plenty of hijinks and giggles, Ross and his team waved good bye and set off to their next destination, taking our giant scarf with them. Hopefully we'll soon see British landmarks across the country sporting our patch work scarf!