1 May 2013

Tiny Bits of Progress

I love productive weekends! The last few weeks I've been trying to manage about six projects at once, which has been slowly driving me up the wall. I definitely prefer to finish projects before starting new ones!

First project I've been working on is our second-hand glider. I'm hoping to write a proper tutorial when I'm finished, but in the mean time a few quick snaps will give you an idea how things are going. We're about half way though now. We started with the cushion on the foot stool and I've just finished the seat cushion. Now we just need to finish constructing the back cushion and figure out how I'm going to construct the cover!
The second project has been cleaning up our most recent ebay bargain. I managed to snap up a Stokke Tripp Trapp for just £36! It's mostly a bit grubby with a few pen marks, though there is a bit of a crack at the top of one leg and the original back piece is missing. So I've been pricing up replacement back pieces, scrubbing the legs clean, and coming up with a plan to fix the crack - though I might wait till my Dad comes to visit before I break out the glue!

Our third project is the vintage dresser for the nursery. We're hoping to get a good start on this over the bank holiday weekend, so we've been out buying supplies so Mr.G can strip the varnish off.

We also took the opportunity this weekend to clear out our closets. We are turning our small box room into a nursery, so we need to find new homes for some of our hobby supplies. We don't have much in the way of clothes, so there was plenty of space which could be used better. So after a bit of reorganisation and a quick  clear out, we had a bag for the charity shop, one for the textile recycling, and a nice empty dresser.
All of which is very well timed, as I've been given an amazing four carrier bags of baby clothes! Though there aren't many young children in our Quaker meeting, many of our members do have grandchildren. So I was thrilled when we my co-clerk offered us her grandchild's hand-me-downs. I spent a good couple of hours on Sunday sorting the clothes into types and sizes. I'm hugely relieved as this is a huge weight off my shoulders. I was really struggling to work out what baby clothes I needed. In one fell swoop I seem to have almost everything I'd need for the first few months.

But the weekend wasn't all work. Though I had to clerk our local Quaker business meeting on Sunday morning, that evening we drove to Yorkshire to visit Vess. She and her husband were up visiting her family, and this was the only opportunity we'd have to compare bumps.

Vess and I have know each other all our lives. Our father's went to night school together when they were young, and both our families immigrated to Canada where we were born. In many ways Vess's family are closer to me than my my actual cousins. She's also pregnant, and her little boy is due in late May. Vess is just three months older than me, and her son will be three months older than my babe - so there's an odd sense of generational deja vu!
It was lovely to catch up and rounded off the weekend perfectly. I've still not really recovered from the busy weekend, but I'm rather pleased with how much we got done!