19 June 2013

Shiny Somethings - June

For the last four months, thought of babies and nurseries have circled round my head, leaving little room for anything else. However a I've found a few Shiny Somethings along the way.

1.   Daisy Star Earrings

Last week I had to face the stress and indignity of an ATOS medical assessment as they are moving me from incapacity benefit to ESA. We have a good idea how the assessment will go - and it isn't good - so it was really just a hoop to jump through. Mr Goldfish was a bit concerned that the extra stress and anxiety weren't good for me or the baby, though there wasn't much we could do to avoid it. Afterwards he treated me to these pretty star earrings by Daisy. He figured my normal hoop earrings might be too easy for little fingers to grab.  It certainly brought a smile to an otherwise miserable day.

2.   Cath Kidston Strawberry Suitcase

One thing I am worried about with our nursery is not having enough storage space. So now that we've finished the dresser, I wanted to make use of the space beneath it. I spotted this Cath Kidston Child's Suitcase in the sales. It's a bit expensive for what it is, but I've struggled to find suitable baskets or boxes any cheaper - and I'd really like to add a splash of colour to the room.
I can't believe they are suggesting it's good for children though, as the body is just made from a type of cardboard. I can't imagine it would last long in little hands!

3.   Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran

This week I've also been quite taken by this music video for Everything Has Changed. I quite like how personal details like Taylor Swift's love of baking and Ed Sheeran's passion for tattoos are incorporated. Very cute!

4.  Mikki Matt Breaker

We have two cats. Mac the geriatric one who's been struggling since his stroke 18 months ago and Phouka (poo-ka) who's a few years younger. While it's no surprise that Mac isn't very good at grooming himself any more, it seems like Phouka has given up as well. Unfortunately Phouka isn't especially friendly, so we've really struggled to keep her matts under control. We have a Furminator and slicker brushes, but they weren't enough to tackle the problem. We spotted the Mikki Matt Breaker in Pets at Home and the £16.99 price tag nearly put us off - but it's fantastic! The tree like teeth are quite good at grabbing the loose hair and pulling it out before it matts and you can slowly tease at the edges of existing matts. We're nowhere close to getting all her matts out, but at least we're now making progress without upsetting her too much.

If you'd like to share your own Shiny Somethings, feel free to leave a link in the comments below!