24 June 2013

Step Down Nursery - Ebay

Step Down SundayI've found a new obsession - I've become a bit of an ebay fiend.

As part of our Step Down Nursery I've been trying to buy as many second hand items as I can. There is a theory that says that any second-hand items you buy have a carbon-free footprint, as the original owner was responsible for the items carbon costs.

Compared to charity shops, ebay offers a huge range of products and there's always the chance you'll snap up a bargain!
So far I've managed to pick up an over-the-bath Mothercare Supabath for £5
and a Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer for £13.01
Unfortunately ebay's not without it's surprises. I managed to pick up a Stokke Tripp Trapp with the baby set and cushions for £36, but we were disappointed to find that there was a large crack in one of the legs. I don't think it's a structural problem, but it's still a concern, especially when using the baby bar.

In the end Mr Goldfish decided that we'd buy a second Tripp Trapp on ebay, and repair the first one to use as a spare for guests. We can use the baby bar and cushions from the first chair with our new one and I suspect that once our little one has out grown the baby set, I'll be able to sell that and the cushions for at least £36 - so it will all work out in the end.
We also managed to buy an Uppababy Vista for just £205! It came with a PiggyBack board for older children, a car seat and a couple of cup holders. What we weren't told was that it was a 2008 American import, which made it an older model than the description suggested. This has made it difficult to find the bassinet safety recommendations for sleeping.
We know that second-hand car seats aren't recommended, but it turns out that it wasn't even a possibility. Because the car seat we were sold was an American import, it is illegal to use in the EU. It also had been part of a recall at one point and had a sticker stating is shouldn't be used after five years! While it wasn't a key reason why we purchased the push chair, it was frustrating to be given something that had to go straight to the tip.
I have to admit that ebay doesn't always make sense. I was looking for some baskets for the Cosatto Hogarth changing table we got free on Preloved. The best baskets I could find were £25 from Babies-R-Us, which seemed awfully expensive.
I happened to spot similar baskets being sold locally on ebay with a changing table. In the end I managed to buy both the baskets & the changing table for £11.50 - cheaper than it was to buy the baskets new. I didn't really need another changing table, so I listed it on ebay again. Imagine my surprise when it sold for £16, so after the ebay fees I was £3 in profit!
I also managed to sell the vintage handles we had left over after refurbishing the nursery dresser. Only for £4.67 mind, but I was pleased to see them head off to a new home rather than dumped in a drawer or sent to the tip.
Ebay can be a bit hit and miss, but if you do your research you can find yourself a bargain - and of course you can always sell things on again when you're done with them!