8 July 2013

32 Weeks - Parenting Classes

Last week we started the hospital parenting classes. I'm not sure we really learned anything new at the first class, but it did offer a revelation.

The midwife has us go around the room and say what our biggest worries were. Most of the women were wary of the unknown and worried about the pain. The midwife said "Of course most women have only experienced tooth ache or menstrual cramps." The voice in my head just went "Really??"

I know I've been unlucky when it comes to health issues - just in the last two years I've had thyroid problems, the ectopic pregnancy rupture, a cancer scare, two cycles of IVF and the ever present Fibromyalgia -  but I don't think I'd realised that most people have had none of those experiences. I'd been unlucky, but I assumed most people would have faced their own problem. It suddenly put the anxiety I'd been feeling in a bit more perspective.

To be honest I'm not that worried about the pain. I'm not suggesting labour will be easy, but it's something you get through. I'm mostly worried about the doctors, midwives and nurses. I've spent a good portion of my time in hospitals, and I know that the difference between a good experience and a bad one is all down to who you see.

In virtually everything I've read people have been so worried about the pain, that I was starting to think I was missing something - but with this revelation, I suspect it's just that I have a different perspective.

Otherwise, my pregnancy is going surprisingly well. I've been a bit fatigued, which has made sitting at the sewing machine difficult, but it's not been too bad. I've also had some back pain, but I think that's just the kidney stones acting up again. It caused a bit of a blip on one of the midwife's tests, but apparently everything's fine.

As for Twitch, just after my last post he seemed to be feeling a bit cramped. His new trick was to stretch and push at both sides at once. At one point we could feel a small hard bump that was a tiny little foot pushing out. Since then he's turned and the kicks have reduced, but he either has daily hiccups or he's taken up drumming as a hobby!

Just 8 weeks to go!