14 July 2013

I'm Kate, and I'm going to Blog On 2013!

Blogs Up North Blog On 2013
I spend an awful lot of time at home on my own, so when an opportunity come up to get out and meet people I'll jump at the chance. It's even better if I don't have to explain why I publish the personal details and minutia of my life on the internet. I was thrilled when I heard about Blogs Up North, here was an opportunity to meet loads of people with the same strange hobby.

Next weekend 70 northern bloggers are meeting to trade ideas, tips and laughs at Blog On 2013. Of course the challenge at these events is working out who everyone is, so we're having a bit of a who's who linky where everyone introduces themselves - I hate doing these things, but here goes.

I'm Kate, and I should be fairly easy to spot as I think there are only a handful of ladies with bumps attending. You'll probably find me crashed out in the nearest chair, but I promise I'm friendly and always happy to chat!

I'm in the middle of decorating our nursery, so if your interested in refurbishing furniture, Ikea hacks, crafting, real nappies or bargain shopping I'm sure we'll find plenty to talk about!

I can't wait to meet everyone on the day, but if you want to chat before hand you can also find me on: